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InterGrain markets their own wheat varieties and has appointed a number of seed processors, Seedclub Members, who have the rights to produce, sell and distribute seed of new and future wheat varieties to growers and agricultural resellers. InterGrain prides itself on breeding varieties which provide long lasting productivity gains for farmers and works closely with Seedclub members to produce high quality seed for supply to Australian growers.

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South Australia
Booleroo Centre Seeds
PO Box 92,
Booleroo Centre SA 5482

Contact details:
Neil Innes
P: 08 8667 2286 , 0428 672 286
F: 08 8667 2286


Modra Seeds
PO Box 1589, Ungarra
SA 5605

www.modraseeds.com.au Contact details:
Justin Modra
P: 08 8688 8094
F: 08 8688 8097

0428 868 063

RH Verner& Co
"Akeringa", Korunye via Mallala,
SA 5502

Contact details:
Richard Verner
P: 08 8520 2181
F: 08 8520 2123, M:0429 202182


Colrae Seeds
Bremar Valley Road
Callington SA 5254

Contact details:
Brett Wegener
P: 0417 847 051
F: 08 85 38 5333


Farmer to Farmer Trading – F2F

Click here for more information on the InterGrain varieties which can be F2F traded